Registered "Moyen Size" Standard Poodles
Health Guarantee

Your Health Guarantee – 1 full year

All Woolly Manor Poodle puppies have been health checked by a licensed veterinarian before they are offered for sale. This health statement describes the health of each puppy and is part of the purchase package. The puppies have been given their vaccinations current to date. The date for the next booster will be written on the Health Records. Puppies have been wormed at 2 week intervals since from 4 weeks old. Dates and types of medications are listed on health redord. Your puppy has already had at least it’s first round of vaccines. Buyer agrees to take their puppy to the vet of their choice to finish the series of vaccines that every young puppy/dog needs to give them immunity against life threatening diseases.

SELLER AND BUYER BOTH UNDERSTAND AND AGREE on the conditions and requirements of this agreement. The purchase of a puppy from seller by buyer, verifies that buyer understands and agrees to the conditions and requirements of this Health Guarantee.

Buyer agrees to consult with breeder by email( and or phone and give 24 hours for response before allowing their vet to administer drugs. I may be able to help with any problem your puppy/dog is experiencing. Or for quicker response, Vet is also welcome to call me at any time by dialing the private number listed on the Bill of Sale.

***To activate your Health Guarantee, you must take your puppy to a licensed veterinarian within 72 hours of the time the puppy is in your possession, for a “well-puppy check”. If your puppy is experiencing diarrhea take a stool sample to the well-puppy visit. Sundays and holidays will not be counted. You must also feed the recommended foods. Feed the puppy a good quality, Puppy food until your pup is 1 year old. Then gradually change to the adult dog food. Owner hereby also agrees to have their Vet administer the necessary vaccines in the time periods recommended by breeder, and/or your Vet’s recommendations. You will receive that information in the Health and Vaccination Record booklet. You will receive this packet before/or when you receive your puppy.

If Buyers Vet’s (2 seperate vets not in the same office)finds any abnormalities, Buyer must return puppy within 1 week, and only then will the buyer be issued a full 100% refund of the purchase price. Seller will not discount the price of any puppy or dog if Buyer elects to keep the puppy.

It is possible that the readjustment to a new home and unfamiliar environment can cause puppies to experience minor challenges caused by the stress of going to their new homes. Your puppy may experience lack of appetite for a few days, possibly loose stools, or develop a minor infection. If you think your puppy needs supportive care, please email me before consulting your Veterinarian.

Please besure you remove any toxins, such as snail bait, ant poisons, chocolate, zylitol (common in many candies and gums) toxic plants, vehicle coolant to name a few from the area your puppy plays in. These substances are poison and can cause liver or kidney failure and death. Do not feed your puppy any chocolate as it is very toxic to dogs. Pick up any electric cords. These are a few of the things that can kill your puppy/dog.

If your puppy should fall ill, the puppy must be diagnosed by 2 different Veterinarians at different practices. At times a canine pathologist must be consulted by buyer and a report from the pathologist must accompany the vet letters. Each Vet must write a statement in which the Vet determines what caused the illness, and these letters must be delivered to the Seller within 5 days of the Vet visits. Seller has the right to also have her Vet check the puppy. Seller will not be responsible for any Veterinarian Expenses.

Should within 1 year your puppy be diagnosed with a life threatening problem determined to be a passed on to the dog genetically, such as heart, kidney or liver disorder, seizures, Cushings disease, leg perthes, skin disorder, you will receive another puppy of the same value. Letters from 2 different Vets that are not affiliated with each other must be delivered to seller within 10 days of testing. Seller has the option to ask for and be provided with a canine pathologist report if requested by Seller. This is because so many diseases can be misdiagnosed by canine vets, just like they are with human doctors. Seller will not be responsible for any veterinary expenses. Seller will be responsible only for providing buyer with another puppy of equal value, and will pay the airline fees if applicable.

*Should the puppy die within the first 72 hours after purchase, buyer must have an necropsy performed by a licensed veterinarian, other than the veterinarian that had been treating the dog up to it’s death. Sometimes a pathology report will be needed. A copy of the reports written on the licensed veterinarian’s letterhead must be forwarded to the seller before determining if a refund will be provided. Buyer understands and agrees that if the puppy is returned or has died, that seller will have the right to speak to the licensed veterinarian who completed the report for any further information that may be necessary to make the determination whether the buyer will be a refunded. The reason for an necropsy would be to rule out that the cause of death was due to buyer negligence to keep the puppy/dog safe from hazards to its health, exposure to ingesting a toxin or ineffective parenting of the puppy i.e. not finishing the vaccination series, properly fed, watered, sheltered from cold or heat.

*If puppy or dog is purchased for the purpose of show or breeding, no guarantee is made as to the potential of puppy or dog.

To return your puppy you and receive a money refund you must:

*Return your new puppy to the Seller within 7 days of the time of possession of the puppy by the buyer. Along with the puppy, buyer must provide a signed statement from 2 licensed Veterinarians at different practices, on the veterinarian’s letterhead showing the date and time puppy was given the examination, and why he/she believed the puppy had a life threatening health problem before buyer received the puppy. Buyer understands at time of purchase that if they should return the puppy that seller that right to contact the veterinarians (before the puppy is returned) that issued the reports for further verbal verification before determining if a refund will be issued.

Being completely honest, I have raised dogs for many years and have never had a dog die other from old age, or for that matter display a genetic problem. A buyer needs to be careful with treats bought in pet stores that are toxic (check where made and ingredients). Keep all records for you dog in a file. Vet records, food receipts, supplement receipts, you will be asked for them. Seller will not be responsible for any veterinary expenses. Seller will be responsible only for providing buyer with another puppy of equal value, and will pay the airline fees if applicable.

*If Buyer chooses to keep the puppy, regardless of any health issue, Seller will not issue a refund for the cost of puppy, or any veterinarian expenses or airfare.

*If another puppy is available, the Buyer can choose to replace the returned puppy with the new one the Buyer chooses.

*If buyer chooses a replacement puppy that has a value for more or less than the original puppy’s purchase price, then the Seller or the Buyer will make up the difference in cost before the replacement puppy is picked up or shipped.


1. Not feeding puppy food as recommended when you get your puppy for the term of the Guarantee.

2. Not completing the vaccination series.

3. Letting your puppy/dog overheat or become too cold.

4. Exposing to toxic cleaning products.

Puppies for Sale on Puppy Find, so you can campair other puppies for sale with my Bred with H.E.A.R.T., AKC puppies.

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